The Kitchen Restaurant was opened in February 2019, with the owner keen to bring his idea of good food to the community. That is, well-cooked, tasty & affordable food from all over the world cooked with fresh ingredients.

It is a place for everyone to enjoy a range, from an English breakfast to an Italian pasta, to Caribbean cuisine.

Chef & Baker Sinead M moved to South London after being raised in Ireland. “I love cooking, especially a nice English breakfast. Baking is another one of my joys and our house-made carrot cake is a speciality of mine.  I have been cooking for as long as I remember and I am happy to bring my cooking expertise to The Kitchen.”

Chef Noella Originates from the Sunny Caribbean and brings her flavoursome traditional Caribbean plates to The Kitchen. She says “Cooking is my one true love & creating tasty plates is a form of expression.”

Chef Dareo originated from Brescia, Italy and brings 20 years of experience in Italian fine dining to The Kitchen. Creating flavoursome pasta dishes is his speciality.


At The kitchen, we feel that our wide ranging and multi cultural menu represents the ethnic diversity which symbolises London.

Our goal is to bring The Kitchen to East, North & West London so that our tasty dishes can be enjoyed by everyone across London. We are available on Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just-Eat for home deliveries. 



+44(0)7852 652064


Monday to Friday 10am-7pm; Saturday, Sunday 10am-4pm.